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personal development

Your Personal Development Plan

do YOU define a healthy lifestyle?

Why do you want a personal development plan? Answering this question
is the first step in the self awareness that will guide your plan.
Something is missing. Or maybe it is there, but you don’t see it or you
just want more of it.

STEP 1: You are here.

This is where we take stock.
Where have you been? What have you done? Most importantly, what
recurring lessons have you encountered? All of these things contribute
to your beliefs–your accepted truths about life.

Do a little performance appraisal. Rate yourself in different areas of life:

* health

* love

* happiness

* career

* purpose

the areas that are most important to you getting most of your
attention? Have you taken enough risks, or are you playing it too safe?

may accept that you have certain strengths and weaknesses that cannot
be changed. You have a story about yourself, and parts of it may be
true. However, you must really objectively evaluate what you tell
yourself about yourself to ensure you are not limiting your life.

STEP 2: Who are you?

It is important to figure this out because you really don’t want to be
using someone else’s personal development plan. What is important to
you? Be real about this–it is easy to say “making money”, but what is important is really what you want to do with that money (not the money itself).

is typically so much chatter in your mind, that it is hard to really
hear your authentic self. The mind runs like the ticker tape at the
bottom of a news show.
You do not have to believe every thought that comes. In fact, it is
important to quiet the constant self talk in order to really hear your
inner wisdom. You can literally feel it when something is true–it
resonates with who you are.

STEP 3: What can you do now?

Now that you are a bit more clear on what it is you want, start to divide the list into external and internal.


* Get a degree

* Buy a house

* Get a fancy car

* Get married

* Have children

* Make more money

* Travel

* Win the lottery


* Happiness

* Love

* Success

* Satisfaction

* Living fully

* Appreciation

* Self worth

Goals like buy a house,
make six figures, find a spouse, etc. are external because they are
something outside of yourself that you acquire. Goals like happiness,
love, and success are all actually internal–external things cannot
truly bring these things to you. The trouble is you look to external
things to bring you all that you want in life. This is where you see
people who have it all and still aren’t satisfied.

So if you’ve lived your life thinking that if you just did XYZ you would be happy, this may sound disappointing. The good news
is: since most of what you want is likely internal, you can have it
now. You don’t have to wait until you achieve some external goal (which
I promise will only provide a short term lift in mood). It is
perfectly appropriate to have external goals, but remember to live now.

Do not make the mistake of waiting to really live once you have
achieved certain goals. Once you get there, you will have a whole new
list of goals. You end up repeatedly putting off living in the present.
Until one day your life is over. Remember, too, that these goals will
not automatically give you what you really want.

STEP 4: The Action Plan.

Keeping the concepts from Step 3 in mind, there are still external
goals and things you need to do to reach them. The action part of the
personal development plan should be divided into: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Starting at yearly and working backwards may be the easiest way to tackle the plan.

This takes your big personal development plan and breaks it down into small bites. Be sure to make your daily
tasks reasonable. If you plan too much and start to get behind, you
may get discouraged and quit. Avoid guilt or shame if you fall behind
or take days off (in fact, off days need to be scheduled). If you are
your own mean boss, you will suffer burnout.

The thing about
your personal development plan is that it is a lifelong project. So sit
back and get comfortable. We are not looking for a destination with
this. This whole thing is a journey. If you really are developing
yourself, what you want in 5 years could be very different from what you
want now anyways. Pay attention to today. Think about the
turtle–slow and steady towards your goal, all the while living fully
right now.

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