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    “ In a human development sense, our understanding of leadership has essentially “grown up” and moved past personal ego and a self-centered view of things. ” — Linda Fisher Thornton —

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    We didnt know what he did on the weekends. What sort of person showed up on Monday and had no interest in sharing

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    Galen and Rayna are close.” I gasp. “How do you know that? I cant feel them.” My heart turns traitor, beating like I

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    Hate not your enemies; love thy rivals, for this is the only way to convert them into your friends and your partners!

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    The biblical teaching is consistent and unambiguous: homosexual activity is not Gods will for his people. Silence in the face of such clarity

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    Tell me, Sorcerer, is there any spell you have that can take this agony from me? (Talon) Aye, Celt. I can show you

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