Counseling and Skills Development Unit (CSDU)

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Counseling and Skills Development Unit (CSDU)

is committed to promote a welcoming atmosphere at Alfaisal University which is conducive to the student’s well-being, personal growth, and psychological health. The CSDU offers workshops and awareness that help students overcome self-development obstacles and promote capabilities. Student Affairs counselors are available to assist the students with any difficulties.


One-on-One counseling

there are many great things about college life. But college life can also include many challenges, such as:

  • Low academic performance.
  • Heath issues.
  • Relationship Problems.
  • Financial Pressures.
  • Conflict with Parents.
  • Depression.
  • Anxiety.

Individual counseling provides an opportunity to talk with an objective, caring professional person about your concerns or problems. Concerns discussed range widely, but might include feelings of low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, academic concerns, substance use, issues with friends and family, or relationship concerns.

Group Counseling

Group counseling provides a way to share difficulties, learn new strategies, practice new behaviors, and get feedback in a safe, supportive environment.

Counseling related to low academic performances

Most students find the academic demands of the University challenging–even students who have excellent high school grades. We help students bring their academic abilities up to a University level of competence.

Students with less serious academic skills concerns may be looking for help around basic study skill improvement in areas such study better for tests, or manage time more effectively.

The counselor will help you:

  • Increase motivation to complete academic work
  • Improve time management skills
  • Managing test anxiety
  • Strengthening test preparation strategies
  • Decreasing procrastination
  • Better note-taking skills

Counseling related to health and disability issues

The Counseling and Skills Development Unit (CSDU) supports the mission of Alfaisal University by providing services that afford students with disabilities/ special needs and an equal opportunity to achieve their personal academic goals while maintain the integrity of Alfaisal academic program requirements.

CSDU offers practical assistance and advice to students with a permanent or temporary disability or medical condition or mental or psychological disorder. If students are experiencing difficulties with their studies due to the effects of their disability they can register with the CSDU. Students must provide appropriate documentation and may be eligible for a range of support and assistance.

The CSDU office collaborates with students, faculty and staff to create a welcoming campus that meets the needs of students with disabilities, fosters student independence, and recognizes students on the basis of their abilities rather than their disabilities.

Eligibility for these services is determined individually by the CSDU office based on documented need. Students are encouraged to register with CSDU as soon as possible after admission to the university to ensure timely provision of services.

personal development

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